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Teen Poetry Contest Winners

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Congratulations to the 2015 Teen Poetry Contest Winners and Runner-Up

Winners: Sam A., grade: 7, and Sruthi., grade: 12
Runner-Up: Joanne V., grade: 8

Winner: Sam A
Grade: 7
Title: Crimson Moon

The crimson moon shines on the cobblestone path

As the sky blackens

The crow’s feathers fall

Staining it with blood

The blood that does not drip

The blood of damned men

A hand reaches from within

Screaming with the agony of others

Enjoying the insufferable suffering that makes it suffer

Myths and lies claim your perspective

A chilling feeling

And, thus, your being

You turn and see them smiling

It is not insanity

Nor is it darkness

They are like those of wolves

They do not kill for pleasure

But for purpose

Their eyes


A word that signifies the truth

The hatred in man

That consumes man

And laughs at ignorance

Your bed to be

Yet it simply sees it as keeping the order of being

From within comes your madness

It forms a key of dust

Reality guides it to the keyhole

The order that was never set

If your madness is the key

The key that unlocks the doors of hell

Then does madness keep pain away as well?

Can it not lock the doors that lead to suffering

The doors that lead to your soul

The doors click and slowly creak open

All to make your mind picture what is to come

To bestow upon you the ultimate fear of wisdom

Wisdom of the future

And wisdom of yourself

You do not know what you will see

Will the fire peel off your flesh as insanity does to your soul

Will you fight like a beast and fall on your sword of pride, over and over

All to crush the goodness within you

To place our fear within ourselves

Will hell’s demons consume you

Or the demons within your heart

The world is a despicable place

To place hell within us

We look for joy by stabbing our eyes so we cannot see the truth

We do not have eyes within, for if we did we would possess wisdom

Wisdom is hell

The golden star

Shining upon lush land

The foolish children playing

Ignorant of the grass’ suffering

Looked upon as an object

Tortured by others

Yet rejected by the same

We contain hell within us

We are darkness

Stomped on

We are the peoples that created insanity

If we have hell within us then are we not hell?

We are the dark name that sparks fear

The wise man who cries when he looks in the mirror

There is but one Satan


To have wisdom and except this fact

That is what we should truly fear

Grade: 12

I cannot see it the way the others do:

instead I stare at the etchings on the desk,

the way the liquid time


And the lilt of the white chalk scrawl

declaring my mind leaden, a hard case of

run­away resolve

Trying to ignore the feeble attempts

to make dry material fascinating

You draw connections in the blank between sentences

The ones that I wish

I could see

I worry that the curve of your cheekbone and the glint in your eye

Are far more interesting to me

I wonder what you trace with your eyes

Words nettling away to dollars, equations squelching

into bank sums

Pushed by passion, lined with greed

While I’m tapping my fingers away to the beat of an

unweighted, 2.7

drum of death.

Sometimes I wish my mind raced the clock

Yet all that accompanies my nightlong endeavors

Are curled fists and exposed fallacies

Herein lies a Student Who Tried

“The girl with the Wandering Mind”

Joanne V.
Grade: 8

The flowers bloom as the ashes fall
A poem’s written, forgetting death’s call
A memory is the past
Though it flew by quite fast
And here comes the casket
My funeral has been set
As the ideal celebrity
A child of serenity
I was an impertinent immoral imp
a shrouded wimp
Basking in the fame as I locked away the pain
The undesirable attention, thy idolism became my bane
Vanity, impulsiveness, as well as concealed fury
My perfect imperfection became my misery
An angelic hero, I am to thy naive vision
Atop I stand, upon the intolerable position
Death surrounds my frame
Mocking the souls, as if it was a game
Now it is I whom is taunted
Catching my frail soul which has undoubtedly been tainted
A porcelain form descends, a reminder of the undeniable mortality
My mother has died, an effect form my inexorably vanity
My twin has sprung wings, surely he is my angel?
Though it is due to the fury that I must say farewell
My impulsiveness has given me pain and misery
And to you, I must give an apology
For all the smiles I gave were merely a facade
Though I hope that from thy features, a smile will not fade
The deaths could have been prevented
Yet the crisis was misrepresented
It was in all reality, due to my mistakes
Thus, my bloody heart aches
May you forgive my tainted soul?
May you forgive me for the lives I stole?
Though there is no glory in dying with the exception of a fight
I must now let go of the blinding light
Farewell to all of you, the glittering stars of the sky
My sun, my shadow, you whom followed me even when I lie
Here I am, for now and forever
My family and I can never be together
As flames are what I see in the stygian side
For it is where, I was not denied

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