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Fantasy Fiction in the Teen Place

July 30, 2015 by teenservices  
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Of Poseidonby Banks, AnnaCheck library catalog for availabilityDescription: Galen, prince of the Syrena, is sent to land to find a girl he’s heard can communicate with fish. He finds Emma and after several encounters, including a deadly one with a shark, Galen becomes convinced Emma holds the key to his kingdom.
Shadow and Boneby Bardugo, [...]

If you liked the Twilight Saga try these

July 30, 2015 by teenservices  
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The Hallowed Onesby Bickle, LauraCheck library catalog for availabilityDescription: Amish teen Katie smuggles a gravely injured young man, an outsider, into her family’s barn despite the elders’ ruling that no one can come in or out of the community while some mysterious and massive unrest is wreaking havoc in the “English” world.
Titheby Black, HollyCheck [...]


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I Am Jby Beam, CrisCheck library catalog for availabilityDescription: J had always felt different. He was certain that eventually everyone would understand who he really was: a boy mistakenly born as a girl. Yet as he grew up, his body began to betray him; eventually J stopped praying to wake up a “real boy” and [...]

If you like the Mortal Instruments series read these

July 29, 2015 by teenservices  
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Wicked Lovelyby Marr, MelissaCheck library catalog for availabilityDescription: Rule #3: Don’t stare at invisible faeries. Aislinn has always seen faeries. Powerful and dangerous, they walk hidden in mortal world. Aislinn fears their cruelty–especially if they learn of her Sight–and wishes she were as blind to their presence as other teens. Rule #2: Don’t speak to [...]

2015 Teen Film Fest

July 2, 2015 by teenservices  
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Teen Film Fest screening: Wednesday, October 21. . . 6pm
Teen Place
Our annual film fest is on Wednesday, October 21. Categories include Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror, and Animation. All films are 7 minutes or less.
The rules for submission are available using the link below.
Rules for the Film Fest entries