Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Library Board Meetings

Hi everyone,
On October 17th, I attended the Board Meeting, and we learned about a lot of interesting things going on that the library. One service is that the library will be extending drive-up window hours. The window will now open at 8 AM, Monday through Friday. Also, the library is preparing for it’s 50th Anniversary, which is 2012. There are lots of kickoff events planned in January, so stay tuned! Finally, the library got a $1000 donation from Ross Dress for Less, a new retail store in Schaumburg. The ceremony was a big success, and the library is grateful for the contribution.
The November Board meeting will include the finalization of the plans for the teen center, so be sure to check back!


——————-From 2010-2011 SATs————————-
Hello, all! Here’s an update on what’s been going on at the library. On Monday, January 10, I attended a board meeting at the Schaumburg Library during which board members discussed finances and suburban library systems, among other things. One of the topics that was brought up was the rise of downloadable media at the library. The library has offered downloadable media for eBooks and eAudiobooks since September 2005, and checkouts for these materials have increased dramatically in the last year due to the increasing popularity of newer eReader devices like the iPad, Nook, and Sony Reader. If you’re interested in these materials,check out the Digital Media link on the STDL website. The board also noted the completion of a project to put older hard copy issues of magazines into circulation, so definitely take a look at the magazines in the library too!


On Monday, November 15th, I attended a board meeting for the Schaumburg Library. In addition to the usual finances discussed, the subject of space in the teen area came up. If it is too crowded in the teen area, teens (anyone over 14 years old) are not allowed to study in the youth services area. An option that was brought up for teens looking for a study space is The Adult Classroom upstairs (check with the Adult Information Desk to see when this room is open for use). This option provides teens with more space and a quiet work area.

–Dana Lindquist