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Digital Production Studio

Record videos using our green screen wall, 3 HD camera setup with TriCaster’s live video production software and built-in virtual newsroom sets. You can also record musical instruments, create podcasts, convert homemade video tapes to digital files or DVD. When you’re done using the studio you can edit on one of our MacBook Pro computers. Trained library staff members will be available to help you learn the equipment and assist with projects. Please fill out and submit the Request Form below, at least one week in advance. We will contact you when your request is approved.

Contact Info

(847) 923-3243

Studio Guidelines

  • Must have a Schaumburg Library Card and be in good standing.
  • The cardholder is financially responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment or software.
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the studio.
  • No more than 6 people are allowed in the studio at one time.
  • Studio time is limited to 2-hours per day.
  • Do not use any of the software or equipment for illegal or unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted materials or content you do not have the rights to distribute or reproduce.
  • All users must follow the Schaumburg Township District Library Code of Conduct.
  • You must show up within fifteen minutes of your scheduled appointment time. If you need to cancel or change your reservation, please contact Jeremy Slayton within 24 hours at (847) 923-3243 or

If you have questions about the digital production studio please contact Jeremy at: or 847-923-3243.

Software Training Resources
If you are unfamiliar with Apple computers and the software we have available, you can use your library card and PIN to gain access from home and teach yourself by using the library’s resources. These resources are also available on the library computers.

Atomic Training offers video tutorials on everyday software such as the Apple operating system, Microsoft Word and Excel as well as some other software we have available in Teen Place, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Safari Books is another great resource. This Site provides access to thousands of technical books for software and computers. Here you will find Adobe’s official training books as well as many other useful items.

Digital Production Studio Request Form

Name (required)

Schaumburg Library Card Number (required)

Email (required)

Phone number (required)

Which day do you want to use the studio? (required)

Will you be transferring VHS tapes to digital? (required)
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If you are transferring tapes, you don't need to fill out this questionnaire. Please, email or call the Teen Desk at 847-923-3240 to check equipment availability and set up a time.

What time do you plan to use the studio? (required)

Number of people in your group (maximum of 6 allowed in studio at-a-time)

You would like to use the Digital Production studio to... (please check all that apply):
 Use a soundproof room
 Record Music
 Record Video
 other, not listed

Please, briefly describe what you plan to create:

Equipment Available Upon Request (Please select what you will need):
 Apogee jam Guitar Input for iPad, iPhone, and Mac
 Beta 58 Shure Vocal Microphone
 Beta 87 Shure Vocal Microphone
 Electric Guitar
 Lacie External Hard Drive (500 GB)
 Live Wire quarter inch Instrument Cable
 Microphone Shock Mount
 Roland Gaia Synthesizer
 Shure X2U XLR to USB Signal Adapter
 Snark Guitar and Bass Tuner
 Stationary Boom Arm with Microphone
 TC Helicon Voice Live Touch
 Teleprompter with a Word Document File
 Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ Controller
 Sony DirecDVD Recorder with VCR
 Elgato Video Capture with VCR

If known, please tell us the desired file type(s) you want to have when finished recording
 avi mov mp3 mp4 wmv

Other file types, not listed above

Do you plan to checkout an external hard drive?
 Yes No

Will you edit your project on a library MacBook when you are done using the studio?
 Yes No

Will you need assistance with our editing software (iMovie, Premiere Pro, GarageBand)?
 Yes No

Please list your project's due date/deadline here.

If you have any questions please list them here.

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