Friday, October 31, 2014

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Register for most teen events online using the links in the calendar or send an email to or call us here: (847) 923-3240. Teen events with a fee require registration in person at the Information/Magazines Desk.

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*Teen Film Fest* June 1 – September 30

Teen Film Fest: Submissions Wanted!
June 1 – September 30
Film Fest Screening: Wednesday, October 22. . . 6pm
Teen Place will be holding its first film fest on Wednesday, Oct. 22 and is looking for submissions by people ages 12-19. Categories include: Comedy, Drama, Action, Horror and Animation. Films must be seven minutes or less. Any film longer than seven minutes may not be accepted into the Fest. Post your film to YouTube and send your video link to More information, including rules for submission, can be found here.

Flash Fiction Contest

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